Lion-Faced Ḍākinī: Senge Dongma

Tibetan: སེང་གེ་གདོང་མ་ Senge Dongma
English: Lion-Faced Ḍākinī
Sanskrit: Siṃhamukhā
Vietnamese: Sư Diện Không Hành Phật Mẫu

Senge Dongma (Sanskrit: Siṃhamukhā or Siṃhavaktrā, Vietnamese: Sư Diện Không Hành Phật Mẫu) otherwise known as The Lion-faced Ḍākinī. In the Nyingma terma tradition, she is considered as one of the many forms of Padmasambhava, specifically a secret form of Guru Rinpoche manifested to avert spiritual obstacles and negativity. Siṃhamukhā is also practiced by other Sarma lineages, based off the Cakrasamvara tantra cycle. Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo who formed a special Sarma tradition which combines Nyingma-terma with other lineages such as Sakya and Kagyu. In the Sarma traditions she arises out of the Chakrasamvara cycle of tantras and belongs to the Anuttarayoga ‘wisdom’ classification.

Description of the Ḍākinī Simhamukha from

In the sadhana for Vajra Dakini Simhamukha, written by Jamgon Kongtrul, the goddess is described as follows: (more…)