Sukhāvatī-vyūha Dhāraṇī

Western Pure Land of Great Bliss known as Sukhāvatī
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  • Also known as: Pure Land Rebirth Dhāraṇī
  • Vietnamese: Vãng Sanh Chú Đà Ra Ni

    Sanskrit dhāraṇī (translated meaning):


Namo Amitābhāya
(Homage to Amitābha)


([the dhāraṇī is] as follows: Oh [Dhāraṇī])

(Born from Ambrosia)

(Arisen from Ambrosia)

(Surpassing Ambrosia)

(Reaching Beyond Ambrosia)

Gagana Kīrtīchare
(Moving in the Resplendence of the Sky !)

(All Hail!)

Sukhāvatī-vyūha Dhāraṇī

Tâm Tịnh doing an audio recording recitation of the mantra above.

Complete Translated meaning:

Homage to the Thus-Gone-One Amitābha, [the dhāraṇī is] as follows: Oh [Dhāraṇī] Born from Ambrosia, Arisen from Ambrosia, Surpassing Ambrosia, Reaching Beyond Ambrosia, Moving in the Resplendence of the Sky ! All Hail!

Alternative translated meaning:

Adoration to the Exalted one of Infinite Light, namely: Oh! Nectar-producing one! Nectar-creation-perfecting one! Nectar-miracle one! (he) performs miracle with nectar, he makes (nectar) glory in sky, All Hail!

This special Amitābha Dhāraṇī is recited for sincerely asking protection and blessings from Amitābha Buddha to grant a pleasant life in the present, and rebirth into his Pure Land in the future. It can also be recited to transfer merits to small animals that you may have killed in the past, including avian, aquatic creatures, and insects. If you have eaten live seafood or animals before you started performing recitations and practising Buddhism, or have inadvertently harmed animals, including killing or hurting animals in your dreams, you can recite this mantra to transfer merits to them.



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